As an advertising network that specializes in connecting brands with kids and families, we at Kidoz know firsthand the importance of understanding the potential of “pester power.”
What exactly is pester power? 

Kids all throughout the world use the 'nag factor' or pester power to convince their parents to buy something. Children of today are more assertive about what they want from their parents compared to earlier generations and have significant influence on household purchasing decisions. Brands that can successfully reach children and capture their attention, stand to benefit greatly.

The days of strolling the aisle of a toy store asking yourself “what should I buy for my kids,” are swiftly fading away: we now tend  to buy them what they specifically ask us to. It obviously relates to toys but goes far beyond. We are willing to negotiate about the type of cereals they will eat, but at the end of the day, parents need their cooperation. Children today are far more knowledgeable and decisive about what they want and where to buy it, and many parents don’t really have the ability or will to confront them, and eventually look to please them.   And why shouldn’t they, if the whole purpose is to buy the products for them?  Based on a research by Viacom, parents are 73% likely to buy the products their kids recommend. Furthermore, Kids are often the ones who drive family activities and outings. Whether it's choosing a restaurant or deciding on a family vacation destination, kids have a significant influence on family decision-making.

mom and daughter on couch looking at mobile phone

So which segments are highly impacted with kids’ will?

Kids consider themselves the prime decision makers on purchases of:

  • Cereals and spreads (breakfasts)
  • Sweets
  • Shoes and clothes for themselves
  • Toys (obviously)

But also they are found to have powerful impact on purchase of:

  • In house entertainment - From streaming services to subscribe too, the rented movies to buy and every single fast food delivery ordered.
  • Outdoor entertainment - Children are often the ones who steer family activities and outings. Whether it's choosing a restaurant or deciding on a family vacation destination.
  • Electronics - As kids' appetite for devices grow, and awareness regarding the type of phones, tablets, consoles, and even the size and brand of the TV screen, even in house electronics, kids are a dominant force. 

In general, as kids grow, they shift from influencing purchases related to their consumption, to purchases related to the whole family and to direct purchases. According to a study by Bloomberg Gen Z's (which includes kids 11-18) spending power is booming and is estimated at 360 Billion dollars of potential spending.

Going back to kids, it is important to keep in mind  that kids are the consumers of tomorrow. By building a connection with them at a young age, brands can create long-term loyalty and drive growth for years to come. A positive experience with a brand at a young age can translate into lifelong devotion and advocacy.

At Kidoz, we understand the unique challenges of marketing to children and families, and we have the tools and expertise to help brands create successful, compliant campaigns that resonate with both kids and parents. By creating engaging, age-appropriate content and delivering it through our network of top kids' apps and websites, brands can tap into the power of pester power and create a safe and powerful connection with kids that can last a lifetime.

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