Account Set Up

  • Create your Publisher Account
  • Receive PubID and Security Token which will be used during the SDK integration
  • Activate your Account
  • Access your dashboard to check performance, transaction reports, add new apps, follow your UA campaigns and so on

In order to increase fill-rate, please add our App-ads.txt to your website:

Apps-ads.txt is a text file that app developers are requested to upload to their publisher website. It defines all ad sources authorized to sell buy that publisher’s inventory.

In order to optimize the revenues coming from KIDOZ,
we sincerely encourage all of our developers to adopt app-ads.txt: https://kidoz.net/app-ads.txt

Looking to learn more? Reach out to chat with your account manager.

Reach out to Noam Hahn, Head of Publishers.

email: sdk@kidoz.net

Technical Set Up


  • Plug-and-play SDK with just a few simple lines of code, supporting all popular platforms
  • Prebid and Tag integration are supported on demand. We always prioritize our SDK traffic, so we do recommend to add the SDK and only in cases when the integration is not possible due to some specific reasons we can offer a tag integration
  • Supported meditations include AdMob, Mobub, Topon, TradePLus, IronSource

Visit our documentation page on Github


You need to decide whether you are going to work with multiple ad partners and in this case consider connecting to a mediation platform in order to maximize your revenues in all GEOs.

  • You might set a desired CPM rate per country, per tier, per ad unit

What are the most popular meditation options for kids app developers:


IronSource: supports custom mediation adapters with Kidoz.

Custom-built mediation some developers have enough resources to build their own, complicated mediation system.

Set Up KIDOZ in Your Waterfall:If you decide to work with supported mediations, please see the instructions below:

  • TopOn
  • AdMob
  • TradePlus

If you want to receive 100% safe, COPPA-compliant, kid-relevant ads we recommend to set Kidoz up as 1st in your waterfall, whether it means to set a high CPM floor, or call Kidoz outside of your waterfall first and if there is no fill to continue sending calls to other networks.

You can ask your account manager at Kidoz to set minimum CPM floors for your account in various GEOs, for different ad units.



  • Track KPIs in real time, per app, per country
  • Receive data via reporting API or connect to your 3rd party analytics
  • Get paid automatically

Full instructions for API Reporting can be found in your account dashboard.

Ad Units

Interstitial Ads Best Practices

Interstitial ads work best in apps that have many transition points, for example, completing a game level or going back to a home page - users expect to get interrupted at this point so ads are not considered to be intrusive.

Rewarded Ads Best Practices

If your app has an implemented rewarded mechanism this is the best unit to use. Advertisers love it as it creates a high completion rate, and users enjoy getting game items in return for their time instead of spending money. Rewarded videos are typically between 15-30 seconds in length and cannot be skipped, but users have the option to opt in or out of this type of advertising. Rewards can be given in a form of extra lives, more time to complete a level and special items.

Banner Ads Best Practices

Banners have become the preferred partial-screen digital display unit within an app. When creating or updating your next app, we recommend dedicating a special spot in the app UI for banners, preferably at the top of the screen, as the chances of unintentional clicks is lower. Remember that banner ads do not necessarily need to appear on every screen. Advertisers may select popular screens users visit within the app and place their banners exclusively in those locations.


- Remember to pause background actions when displaying ads, for example, when you make the call to display ads, be sure to pause any audio being produced by your app.
- Don’t bombard users with ads, make sure users are not interrupted frequently, find the right balance and implement frequency capping of ads.


Store Policies:

If you choose to monetize your apps, you must know that different Stores have their own policies with regards to kids apps. We summarized the rules of two major app stores: Google Play and App Store.


Apps that are in the Designed for Families program must only use certified ad SDKs and all ads served must be appropriate for all audiences. Apps that include children and adults in their target audience but are not in the Designed for Families program are allowed to use non-certified ad SDKs for serving ads only to users above the age of 13. If your apps have both audiences you need to implement and age gate and show only kid-relevant ads from certified networks to your under 13 audience.

App Store

Apps in the Kids Category should not include third-party analytics or third-party advertising, third-party contextual advertising may also be permitted in limited cases provided that the services have publicly documented practices and policies for Kids Category apps that include human review of ad creatives for age appropriateness.

KIDOZ SDK implements all necessary features to ensure compliance with Google Play and App Store regulations, including:

Mandatory Age Gates on external links (iOS)
Showing one ad per screen (Google)
Clearly distinguish ads from content
Ad content rating matches referring app content rating

Ads Policy:

Check more information here: https://kidoz.net/safe_ads_policy/

KIDOZ SDK Privacy Policy:

You can check our Privacy Policy here. Additionally, KIDOZ is reviewed annually and certified COPPA compliant by 2 FTC recognized Safe Harbor programs: kidSafe and PRIVO.

UA For Your App

KIDOZ is not only an expert in a kid-friendly monetization, we also help app developers to reach top ranks in Google Play & App Store by running their user acquisition campaigns on the Kidoz Network.

KIDOZ can generate super targeted downloads of your app at a very convenient rate. Our network is reaching over 300 Million kids worldwide, helping them find the best content based on their age, gender and interest.

  • Decide on the budget, countries and platforms (Android/iOS) you wish to target.
    *You can ask us to cap daily spend as well.
  • Send us the creatives – the best option is to send us VAST tags, or link to the video files on your CDN. If this is not possible, please send us the video files themselves and we will host them and add the minimal applicable streaming fees.
  • Send us the tracking links from your MMP/attribution partner (AppsFlyer, Singular, Adjust, Branch etc.) + enable Kidoz as a partner to receive Post-back events.

For more information reach out to our user acquisition experts:
Noam Hahn,  Head of Publishers