The World’s Most Popular Kid Mode

The Kidoz OS provides the safest mobile environment for kids and families.

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The Platform of Choice

Kidoz OS offers a state-of-the-art certified COPPA compliant entertainment solution for kids that combines safety, engagement and endless hours of fun.

  • Hassle Free Integration - easy deployment with no overhead. We customize it for you

  • Kid-Friendly Monetization - take advantage of the popular, fast-growing family apps market

  • Strong User Engagement - use your branded environment to deepen relationships with families

Kidoz OS Features

Safe Environment

Safe, fun children’s mode with child-lock launcher. Kids have access ONLY to appropriate content and NOT to device data or settings.

Parental Control

Advanced Parental Controls with timer settings, content control features, and more.

Pre-loaded Content

The largest library of kid-friendly content in the world, including apps, videos and online features.

Personalized Experience

The Kidoz OS machine learning technology personalizes the content recommendations to suit the interested of every child.

Global Solution

Multilingual support in over 30 languages, making the Kidoz OS the perfect solution for global distribution, offering localized content and user interfaces.

Kidoz OS Store

The store has 1000s of premium apps and includes a parental allowance system of virtual coins for kids to use.

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