The holiday season is just around the corner, and as family-friendly brands prepare to spread the festive cheer, there's one avenue that promises to make this year truly special – mobile in-app ads with Kidoz. In a world where digital experiences have become a daily part of childhood, tapping into the magic of mobile gaming spaces can be your ticket to a heartwarming and successful holiday campaign. Here's why you should start your planning now and consider mobile in-app ads with Kidoz, as your gateway to a successful and joyful holiday season.

Connect with a Captive Audience:

Mobile gaming apps have become a trusted companion for kids year round and during the holiday season. They provide entertainment, education, and interactive experiences that captivate young hearts and minds. By featuring your family-friendly brand within these apps, you're connecting with a highly engaged and captive audience. Kids spend more time playing mobile games during the holidays, which means more opportunities for your brand to shine.

a young girl eating cereal playing on mobile phone

Safety and Trust:

In today's digital landscape, safety is a paramount concern for parents. They seek out content and brands that offer a safe and wholesome experience for their children. Mobile in-app ads from Kidoz, provide a controlled and secure platform to showcase your brand's holiday offerings. Earning the trust of parents is key to success during this season, and Kidoz has a proven track record all over the globe.

Interactive Engagement:

Mobile in-app ads aren't just about displaying your product; they're about creating an immersive experience. From interactive games and puzzles to holiday-themed challenges, playable ads can engage young users in ways that are both entertaining and educational. It's not just about advertising; it's about creating memorable moments that kids and parents will cherish, and therefore creating strong brand connections.

Early Planning for a Memorable Impact:

Starting your holiday campaign planning early gives you a competitive edge. It allows you to carefully craft your messaging, design captivating visuals, and collaborate with partners like Kidoz in-house playables studio, to seamlessly integrate your brand into the gaming experience. By getting ahead of the curve, you ensure that your holiday campaign stands out and leaves a lasting impact.

Unique 'Holiday-Themed' Playable Ad Ideas

Now, let's sprinkle in some examples of great holiday campaign ideas to inspire your planning:

Virtual Advent Calendar:

Create an interactive virtual advent calendar for your brand! Kids can open different doors to discover holiday-themed surprises, such as new products or product features, a discount code for your products, or a heartwarming holiday story.

Festive Treasure Hunt:

Design a treasure hunt where players must collect special holiday-themed items or clues to unlock rewards. The hunt can take them on a magical journey through your brand's story and products.

"Letters to Santa" Contest:

Invite young players to submit their heartfelt letters to Santa. Players can color, draw or stamp festive or product images onto a letter then save their designs to send off to Santa, and go to a website to submit theirs to your brand. You could even go one step further and select a few heartwarming letters and make dreams come true by fulfilling some of the wishes, capturing it all in a heartwarming video to share post holiday season, for even more added value and sharable content. 

By combining the magic of mobile in-app ads for kids with these unique playable ad ideas, your brand can create a holiday campaign that not only captures hearts but also brings joy and wonder to families around the world. So, let's make this holiday season truly magical for kids and parents alike! Reach out to get started.