We're thrilled to kick off the new year with a game-changing collaboration that's set to elevate your advertising game. Introducing TapNation, a powerhouse in the hyper-casual gaming industry, consistently ranking in the top 10 on iOS and Android app stores globally.

What Makes TapNation Stand Out:

*Impressive Metrics: With 6 million daily active users and 60 million monthly active users across 14 markets, TapNation is a power-house of engagement.

*Diverse Game Categories: Their games span various genres, from puzzles and quizzes to action and simulation.

*Rapid Growth: Since their inception in 2019, TapNation has experienced an astounding 56x growth, crossing the 1 billion downloads milestone.

Unlocking New Advertising Avenues:
TapNation brings a plethora of advertising opportunities, with 80 million daily impressions, including banners, watch-to-play videos, and Triple A Game Ads. But what truly sets this collaboration apart are the two unique ad placements we're introducing:

1) Game Skinning & Brand Takeover: Imagine deep brand integration and product placement within a game. We're offering custom app skinning with a remarkable one-week turnaround time and a lower minimum buy, for a full month takeover. This is the pinnacle of brand gamification and game association.

2) Audio Banners: Move beyond static banners. Users can now hear an audio message of a set length, with the option to close it after a predetermined time. Anticipate a 3x increase in banner value. Just as Kidoz and Prado in-app video ads disrupted TV, we're set to disrupt radio and podcast advertising with these innovative audio banner units.

tapnation partnership with kidoz

We can't wait to embark on this journey with TapNation and, of course, with you! This partnership promises not just growth but a revolution in advertising within the gaming environment. Let's make 2024 the year of unprecedented success! Get in touch to explore these unique ad formats and take your advertising strategy to the next level.