At the end of 2022, the world’s population surpassed 8 billion people. As it stands today, the number of active mobile gamers is over 2.2 billion. That means 27.5% of the world’s population is an active mobile gamer. It’s almost certain that all of them have been served an ad. 

The key question is: what did users do with the ad? Did they simply view it or were they able to engage with the ad and embark on a journey that included a fun way to interact with the brand?

As we move into a world where online purchases and store pickups become the norm, less and less people are actually going into physical stores to touch, see and hold actual products.

This is where custom playables come in. These ad units create the opportunity for brands to invite users into whatever experience they’d like, in a non-intrusive fashion. From takes on classic games to product unboxing, play pattern and character introduction, and much more, there are countless ways to design a playable ad unit to create a fun interactive way for users to “play with, try and test” new products while seeing your brand message at the same time.

The question you might be asking yourself is why are these playables so effective, especially as it relates to mobile gaming? The answer is simple. It’s because people who are playing mobile games are already in an engaging mindset and when served a playable ad, are more likely to interact with it. 

Now the important part, and the reason why 28% of US agency professionals surveyed identified playables as the most effective type of ad. Those who engage with playable ads often spend more time with a brand than they would with a traditional ad unit. Spending more time with the brand typically leads to higher brand recall among decision makers and increases the NAG factor, or the ability that children have to make their parents buy something by asking for it many times until they get it. Higher brand recall and increased NAG factor bolsters the likelihood of a purchase.

playable ads with kidoz

Putting it all together, playable ads provide users with a way to discover your products and help grow a connection with your brand, ultimately increasing the likelihood to purchase. 

Need more insight on how you can best utilize playables for your next campaign? Reach out to me any time at rich@kidoz.net.