Connect your audience with top brands for kids using KIDOZ safe monetization SDK


 KIDOZ SDK provides effective quality monetization that is fully COPPA and GDPR compliant.

KIDOZ is reviewed annually and certified COPPA compliant by 2 FTC recognized Safe Harbor programs: kidSafe and PRIVO. Additionally, KIDOZ has been audited by a law firm that specializes in GDPR and is compliant
with all data regulations in the EU.


KIDOZ SDK implements all necessary features to ensure compliance with Google Play and App Store regulations, including:

  • Mandatory Age Gates on external links (iOS)
  • Showing one ad per screen (Google)
  • Clearly distinguish ads from content
  • Ad content rating matches referring app content rating

 KIDOZ is one of Google Play’s certified ad networks



Every campaign & ad creative is checked manually by our in-house team.

  • All ad campaigns are reviewed manually for relevance, appropriateness and compliance
  • All ad campaigns are checked manually to ensure that they do not collect any personal information, such as name, date of birth, email address, location, etc.

KIDOZ SDK Data Policy

  • NO Behavioral Targeting or Remarketing
  • NO Personal Information or Identifiers are collected & shared with advertisers
  • Campaign data is deleted after 60 days

All ads are delivered with KIDOZ watermark

KIDOZ proudly features campaigns from top kids brands

All of KIDOZ campaigns are ensured relevant and only include promotions from top brands for kids: