Content Discovery Made for Kids

KIDOZ is the world’s fastest-growing content discovery and recommendation platform for kids, reaching over 100 million children worldwide. Started by a father who wanted to create a better way for his daughter to safely play online, KIDOZ has become the global network leader, helping millions of kids find content they love while enabling hundreds of brands and developers to monetize and distribute content to kids around the world.


The kids’ mobile space presents 3 significant challenges:


  • Kids are constantly looking for new games and videos but often end up with irrelevant and inappropriate content.
  •  Brands are looking to recapture kids’ engagement; needing to reach an audience they once strongly connected with through linear television channels and are now scattered throughout thousands of apps.  
  • App developers who create amazing apps for kids, yet earn minimal revenue, are looking for a way to compensate their work.

The Solution is Here.
The KIDOZ Network unites all players in one safe platform.


KIDOZ for App Developers:

We help app developers and device makers generate revenue from their work in a COPPA-compliant way that respects their values, using sponsored content recommendations. The KIDOZ SDK serves as a leading COPPA-compliant solution for thousands of kid focused apps to monetize their traffic in the safest user environment for kids.


KIDOZ for Brands:

The leading mobile network for kids 13 and under allows brands to reach millions of engaged kids and parents on every continent, through one focal point – delivering the highest performance results in the kids mobile industry.


KIDOZ for OEM’s:

KIDOZ Mode is the official kids’ safety solution for over 40 top tier OEM’s, carriers and kids brands who power their youth-dedicated products. (LENOVO, PBS Kids, Sprout TV Cubby Tablet, Acer, T-Mobile, US Cellular and others).

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