How To Add APP-ADS.TXT to Your Website to Increase Fill Rate

What is app-ads.txt?

App-ads.txt standard was introduced to prevent unauthorized or domain-spoofed app inventory and to help fight ad fraud.
Apps-ads.txt is a text file that app developers are requested to upload to their publisher website.
It defines all ad sources authorized to sell that publisher’s inventory.

How does this work?

Many demand-side partners are now enforcing this standard, meaning that publishers without it will suffer from much lower fill rate. DSPs and demand sources wanting to bid on an app’s inventory will look for the app-ads.txt file on the developer’s website to verify which ad sources are authorized to sell that app’s inventory.

How to create your app-ads.txt?

1. list your Website URL in the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

For Apps on Google Play, sign in to your Play Console.

  • Select an app
  • On the left menu, click Store presence > Store listing
  • Scroll to Contact Details
  • Add your developer website URL

For Apple App Store
Add your developer website in the marketing URL field of your store listing.

2. Include this list

Kidoz Publishers, please copy the list found here :


3. Write the app-ads.txt file.

Create and save an app-ads.txt file in any text editor (e.g. Notepad) listing all the lines you received from your ad source partners.

4. Upload the app-ads.txt file.

Upload the app-ads.txt file to the root of your website domain (e.g. https://kidoz.net/app-ads.txt).

In order to optimize the revenues coming from KIDOZ, we sincerely encourage all of our developers to adopt app-ads.txt.