This past week, Kidoz’ very own CEO Eldad Ben Tora, participated in an exciting new webinar that focused on how advertisers like Kidoz, are keeping the virtual playground safe for kids. With our colleagues at Anzu, GeoEdge and Privo, the event showcased why kid-safety is at the top of our agenda. The discussion focused on:

  1. the current state of children’s digital experience
  2. what some of the dangers are
  3. what companies can do to keep the ‘virtual playground’ safe for children
  4. why it’s important to provide healthy advertising to kids

Eldad Ben Tora spoke about how he believes over the past year, more and more brands have been trying to find effective ways to reach kids, and they are becoming more confident in advertising to them, (especially via ad-based platforms and on mobile).

“Advertisers now know what to do and who to approach, and publishers feel more confident to run advertising campaigns on their sites as they know there is a system to protect them.”

How does Kidoz do this? Our safe ads policy clearly states:

  • NO Behavioural Targeting or Re-marketing
  • NO Personal Information or Identifiers are collected & shared with advertisers
  • Campaign data is deleted after 60 days

You can read about our full safe ads policy here.Watch and listen to the full webinar HERE, and let’s connect so we can help you get the most safe, COPPA complaint campaign for your kids’ brands and clients.

Our Tip: We love webinars, so get in touch with us to schedule a date to launch a co-hosted webinar in your market!