Earlier this week we announced our (unaudited) financial results for Q3, and we could not be prouder of what we have achieved. What’s driving this? We have strong underlying system growth for both users and publishers that are accessing the Kidoz technology. Media budgets continue to shift from linear TV to digital platforms like Kidoz, as brands seek to engage their customers where families spend most of their screen time. In addition, regulation at the government level is positively influencing growth of the Kidoz Safe Ad Network. COPPA in America and GDPR in Europe have forced advertisers and publishers to ensure their data and advertising methodologies are safe. Furthermore, regulators in the US are adding even more regulations to complement COPPA to further enhance child safety in digital spaces, and regulators in China, India and other regions are enacting similar measures. 

The Mobile advertising market is forecast to exceed $400 billion in 2026, exhibiting a growth rate of 32.5% (according to Fortune Business Insights). Overall, 

Linear TV has lost ~50% of its kids audience: they are moving to mobile. Kids see their ads now on mobile: 

  • 77% in Games
  • 56% in Videos

Kids digital advertising is the fastest growing segment with 21.6% CAG, and was worth over $1.7B in 2021! 

Some key stats on Kidoz accelerating revenue and growth over the past 6 years:

  • 2017 $1.9M
  • 2018 $3M
  • 2019 $4.5M
  • 2020 $7.1M
  • 2021 $12.4M + 74%
  • Q1 2022  Total Revenue of $2.28M - growth of 47%
  • Q2 2022 Total Revenue of $2.51M  (up 15% vs Q2-21, up 10% vs Q1-22)

As a result of this rapid growth, we are now able to expand beyond our core advertising audience of children and begin to contextually target teens and parents for our brand partners. 

CEO Jason Williams said in a recent interview with Proactive, “Kidoz is experiencing a period of rapid growth and we are extending our business model in ways that will fill our huge available inventory with safe and high performing media.”

Hat’s off to all our team for making this trajectory a reality. There are some exciting projects in the works to see out the year and we can’t wait to see the results.

Watch even more about our Q3 performance and what is in store for Kidoz, in this powerful interview with CEO Jason Williams, and Agoracom’s George Tsiolis.

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