When faced with the challenge of creating a contextual mobile advertising network, we chose to work closely with PRIVO to ensure our services remained in compliance with child privacy laws.

Who is PRIVO? PRIVO is an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor (which is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and GDPR (the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Over the past twenty years, PRIVO has become the leading global industry expert in minors’ online privacy, identity and consent management. PRIVO’s signature Kids Privacy Assured Program helps companies navigate the online privacy landscape.

Why is this so important and a cornerstone of Kidoz' values? With mobile usage on the rise, and children today spend more time in digital spaces than ever before, working with PRIVO demonstrates our commitment to children's digital privacy and safety standards. As the owners of the leading COPPA & GDPR compliant contextual mobile advertising network (that safely reaches hundreds of million kids, teens, and families every month), we here at Kidoz ensures our platform follows three key “rules” for compliance:

  1. No Behavioral Targeting or Re-marketing
  2. No personal information or identifiers are collected and shared with advertisers
  3. Campaign data is deleted after 60 days

Furthermore, we provide a dashboard to our clients that allows operators to view and track ad performance and have also partnered with best in class mobile marketing companies, which offer compliant solutions for operators in the kid’s space.

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