Kidoz unique monetization solution enables app publishers to safely monetize their apps with the relevant ads.  


In a nutshell, it is the process of generating revenue from your app. And while developers need to generate revenue from their apps, it can be challenging. Why? Most apps are free to install, so developers need to adjust their revenue models to generate income after a user downloads the app.  This is where the Kidoz solution comes in.


Industry leaders, like TutoToons, Budge, My Town, Outfit7 and Wildworks (to name a few), work with Kidoz!  Our industry-leading monetization platform helps developers boost revenue,  stay compliant and improve efficiencies.

“Kidoz creates a better experience for kids and players. Most ad platforms focus on interstitial ads, that nobody likes. We chose Kidoz because it is a decision to look at content, and does not interfere with game play.”

- Mantas Kavaliauskas, CEO TutuTOONS


Kidoz is one of only a few globally recognized and approved kid-friendly safe-ad platforms. We put safety above all else.  If you choose to monetize your apps, you must know that different App Stores have their own policies with regards to kids apps. 


Apps that are in the Designed for Families Program must only use certified ad SDKs and all ads served must be appropriate for all audiences. Apps that include children and adults in their target audience but are not in the Designed for Families Program are allowed to use non-certified ad SDKs for serving ads only to users above the age of 13. If your apps have both audiences you need to implement an age gate and show only kid-relevant ads from certified networks to your under 13 audience.

App Store

Apps in the Kids Category should not include third-party analytics or third-party advertising. 3rd-party contextual advertising may also be permitted in limited cases provided that the services have publicly documented practices and policies for Kids Category apps that include human review of ad creatives for age appropriateness.

KIDOZ SDK implements all necessary features to ensure compliance with Google Play and App Store regulations, including:

  • Mandatory Age Gates on external links (iOS)
  • Showing one ad per screen (Google)
  • Clearly distinguish ads from content
  • Ad content rating matches referring app content rating

Additionally, KIDOZ is reviewed annually and certified COPPA compliant by 2 FTC recognized Safe Harbor programs: kidSafe and PRIVO.

Check more information here in our policy zone: https://kidoz.net/sdk-guide#compliance


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