The beauty landscape is evolving, and younger Gen Z (aged 15-18) and older Gen Alpha (aged 10-14)  are at the forefront, setting trends and making independent personal care choices. As this demographic enters a critical life stage where they're purchasing their first personal care products, brands have a unique opportunity to foster lasting connections and brand loyalty.  A massive TikTok trend currently, young girls are showcasing their fascination with skin care, flocking to stores like Sephora and snapping up various beauty brands. Kids have always mimicked the habits of older teens/young adults that they look up to, and many see this trend as a continuation of this behavior (although some have raised concerns surrounding ingredients geared to older skin types, etc, but that is product specific). Ultimately, this trend can present an exciting opportunity for brands in our network to safely and authentically tap into this trend, and ultimately reach a wider/newer audience.

top 5 beauty fun apps on kidoz

Understanding the beauty journey of younger Gen Z and elder Gen Alpha and joining in on the current trend of their passion for makeup and beauty can position your brand for long-term success. Applying these apps, and ones like them, to your next campaign can help see better engagement and reach new audiences for you and your brand.

Ask us how you can connect with this dynamic demographic, safely and compliantly, and shape the future of beauty engagement.