Every successful advertising platform needs to grow two types of partners simultaneously: advertisers on one hand and publishers on the other, all while ensuring they constantly grow at the same pace.

Kidoz is widely known for its ability to rseach kids on mobile and attracts top kids brands to use our network to grow awareness on mobile. Kidoz biggest advantage is our vast distribution across mobile apps, where Kidoz is the #1 Kid-focused SDK in terms of unique publishers and apps, monetizing more than 4,000 apps from over 300 publishers mainly from North America, EU and Asia.However, the Chinese market requires a tailored approach, as many local publishers find it challenging to monetize via non Chinese platforms (which simplify the technical integration, along with the need to negotiate prices with multiple foreign companies, etc).In order to ensure our networks provide sufficient reach in China, we here at Kidoz, decided to partner and integrate with the two biggest mediation platforms in China: TradPlus and Topon.Mediation platforms are used by publishers to manage their demand partners, and our integration with both TradPlus and Topon allows any publisher to use their mediation to enable the advertising demand coming from Kidoz into their apps, with minimal effort.The partnership is already adding big publishers to Kidoz, and we encourage any publisher using TradPlus and Topon to explore our demand within the mediation settings. Why should Chinese publishers enable Kidoz ads?If your app is reaching kids, either within the Google Kids category (Design for families) or the kids category on the app store, you are obligated to use a kid-safe network like Kidoz.

Kidoz will ensure your apps are staying compliant with every impression served. Google officially certified Kidoz as a safe network for kids and we follow Apple’s strict policy to manually approve every creative.

Beyond staying compliant, our promise to publishers is that not only will they earn and run high paying campaigns from top brands like Lego, Disney, Nintendo, Hasbro and others, they will do it in a way that respects their audience.

We believe that ads are a crucial part of the app experience, and irrelevant ads ruin the experience and drive churn. By enabling Kidoz as an ad provider, publishers remain compliant, generate significant revenues from a super challenging sector and improve the app experience.

Looking to learn more? Reach out to sdk@kidoz.net