It's no secret that the constantly shifting digital age has brought both incredible opportunities and considerable challenges. With the world at our fingertips via mobile technology, one of the challenges we face is protecting minors from the potential harms associated with data privacy and security. While more data-driven services are being tailored to children each day, like gaming and social applications, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure clear rules and regulations are in place to protect them.

Although parents should be accountable to know what technologies their children are using, the ever-changing and expanding realities of digital technologies make it close to impossible for parents to watch over every digital interaction. Instead, protective digital regulations should be implemented from the early development stages of an app.

kids on mobile apps need to be in safe spaces
"App developers must consider who will use their app when in development to ensure that they are creating safe spaces for kids and that their data is not being tracked or shared."

Kidoz CEO Jason Williams recent article for the Forbes Technology Council, highlights the role of regulators, parents and app industry on the digital safety of minors.

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