One of the most significant reasons to create or review a gift guide is to help build brand awareness. Holiday gift guides are not only helpful in inspiring customer purchases, but they are also insightful to marketers and advertisers to see what is on the horizon. For those of us that work in the kids advertising industry, the holiday season is an optimal time of year to gain a better insight for the most popular toys by reading and following the top toys lists of major retailers, media outlets and toy experts. This can be a valuable resource for not only your Q4 business efforts but also to be introduced to new brands and new teams (toys appearing on these lists can be the work of internal/external PR teams and PR budgets). 

We here at Kidoz, are thrilled to see numerous brands being featured on these lists that are also running or scheduled to run in the Kidoz Q4 campaign slate! Some of these lists (links provided below) are broken down by categories or ages, making it convenient to turn many of these brands, manufacturers, and companies into new potential prospects and customers.  It’s never too late in the game to reach out to Kidoz to test a campaign that could help these and your own brands find more success in the toy aisles. It’s one thing to be on a list, but another thing entirely to rise above the noise and be chosen at retail. Kidoz helps amplify brand messaging to gain the mindshare of kids and parents alike. 

Here are some lists below worth visiting for toy lead ideas: 

Are you on any of these lists? What are your plans for Q4 and how can we help?