As brands strive to connect with their audiences, one of the biggest challenges is understanding their needs and preferences. Knowing your audience better can transform your marketing strategies, but gathering actionable insights can be daunting. Enter Kidoz Insight, our innovative end-to-end solution designed to help brands run short, engaging surveys and quizzes within apps and games, safely and compliantly. Brands are loving it, and for good reason.

For 2024, we’re sharing updated best practices to optimize your mobile surveys and quizzes, ensuring you get the most out of every interaction!

1. Keep It Short and Sweet

Mobile users have short attention spans, making it essential to keep your surveys and quizzes brief and engaging. Use a personal and conversational tone, limit your questions to the most important ones (preferably no more than 5), and avoid long questions or answers. Remember, your audience may be young, so keep the language simple and concise.

  • Skipping the opening screen and starting directly with question #1 has boosted conversions by 500%.
  • Launch your surveys and quizzes over weekends when younger mobile users are most responsive for higher engagement rates.

2. Embrace Responsive Design

To ensure a seamless experience, your surveys and quizzes must be optimized for mobile devices with a responsive design that adapts to any screen size. With numerous devices and sizes in use, providing a smooth and functional experience is crucial. Kidoz Insight guarantees a polished and professional result.

  • Customize the survey or quiz to match your brand’s identity (fonts, colors, background). This familiarity boosts completion rates and maintains high design standards.
  • Use the simplest imagery to convey your message - being mindful of younger experiences and comprehension.

3. Use Clear and Simple Language

Avoid complex language and jargon. Keep your questions VERY straightforward and easy to understand so all users can comprehend them, regardless of age or ability. Yes or No answers work well.

4. Incorporate Visual Aids

Visual aids such as images, videos, and diagrams can make your brand survey or quiz more engaging and easier to understand. Use visuals strategically to enhance questions without overwhelming users. Stick to one big image or a few small ones per question.

  • Randomize answer order to eliminate response bias.
  • Avoid open-ended questions to keep the survey concise.
  • Use a small logo or no logo and hide or disable any progress bars to minimize distractions.
  • QA and test your survey or quiz on the smallest screens to ensure it’s fully responsive.

Ready to unlock deeper insights and connect with your audience more effectively? With Kidoz Insight, we create fully customizable surveys and quizzes so you can gain real-time feedback and shape your brand’s future based on the opinions that matter most: your customers. Contact our team today to get started!