"SKAdNetwork might just be the best thing that's happened to kids' apps Now," our co-CEO Eldad Ben Tora says, "marketers can actually do user acquisition at scale for kids' apps. And publishers can monetize safely via ads."

Smart user acquisition in the kid mobile space is growing - for the first time in over 18 months. Publishers need growth, and now it is possible in a safe and optimizable manner. Today, that is more important than ever. Why? Advertisers are losing their 'traditional' access to kids (the traditional TV model). Children now make up more than 30% of all internet users and 40% of all new users - and this makes them a critical demographic for advertisers. Advertisers are wondering how they will be able to reach children effectively and safely in the mobile space. This is where kid-safe marketing measurement and mobile attribution comes in play.What makes Kidoz different?The key differentiator of Kidoz from other mobile networks is that Kidoz advertising does not use data trackers such as location information, device identifiers, behavioural data, and other signals that track users across the Internet. Examples of these trackers include IDFA (from Apple) and AAID (Google Advertising ID) from Google. Kidoz does not utilize these trackers and curates the ads to ensure appropriate advertising reaches kids. Let's break it down:

  • Kid focused advertising systems are completely different than the standard systems (due to the privacy regulations), mainly C.O.P.P.A. (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).
  • The difference here is we do not profile, or re-market, and do not use PIII’s.
  • Classic performance based marketing is a challenge in this space, and advertisers still wish to track the performance. This results in tension between these two motivations.
  • Many publishers are immobilized by fear and can miss out the plethora of opportunities in this space.
  • Advertisers also worry that their ad will be shown on irrelevant apps or channels , and that may hurt their brand perception.
  • Working with certified networks and attribution systems saves advertisers from these worries.
  • Now it is much clearer (and therefore easier) to stay complaint:
  • Google created a short list of approved SDK
  • Apple agreed to manually approved ads
  • FTC auditors help you check your compliance

We recently sat down with Singular to talk about Kid-safe attribution, and why SKAdNetwork is a huge boost for kids-focused apps. Click here to watch the full video with Kidoz and Singular, and see how we are industry leaders in the kid-safe mobile space.Still curious about IDFAs and compliance? Read all about IDFAs and Kidoz in our earlier Press Release here.