As we eagerly await the June 14th release of Inside Out 2, excitement is building not just for the film but also for its star, Maya Hawke. In a recent interview with IGN, Maya shared her love for mobile gaming, highlighting some of her favorite games,  which are part of the Kidoz SDK network. This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to connect with a broad audience through popular mobile games.

Maya Hawke’s Favorite Mobile Games

I Love Hue: This game is a beautiful and serene puzzle experience that challenges players to arrange tiles into perfect color gradients. Its calming and visually stunning gameplay makes it a favorite among users looking for a relaxing break. Download HERE.

Wordle!: Word games are timeless, and Wordle! has captured the hearts of millions. This game tests your vocabulary skills by having you guess a five-letter word in six tries or less, offering a daily challenge that keeps users coming back. Download HERE.

Snake VS Block: A modern twist on the classic Snake game, Snake VS Block combines elements of arcade action and strategic planning. Players guide a snake made of balls through a series of blocks, trying to collect more balls and break through the blocks without getting trapped. Download HERE.

Doodle Jump: An all-time favorite, Doodle Jump is an endless jumping game where players guide the Doodler as high as possible, avoiding obstacles and enemies. Its simplicity and addictiveness have made it a classic. Download HERE.

Why This Matters for Brands

As Maya Hawke's favorite games are part of the Kidoz SDK network, brands have a unique opportunity to engage with a highly active and diverse audience. Here’s why integrating ads into these games is beneficial:

  1. High Engagement: Games like I Love Hue and Wordle! keep users engaged and returning daily, ensuring repeated exposure to your brand.
  2. Broad Demographic Reach: From the nostalgic appeal of Doodle Jump to the strategic allure of Snake VS Block, these games attract a wide range of age groups - from kids to parents alike.
  3. Positive Association: Associating your brand with popular and beloved games enhances brand perception and recall.

The upcoming release of Inside Out 2 and Maya Hawke’s enthusiasm and endorsement of popular mobile games provide a golden opportunity for brands to connect with a passionate and engaged audience. By integrating your ads into these beloved games on the Kidoz SDK network, you can enhance your brand’s visibility and resonate with a dedicated and diverse user base. Get ready to make a splash in the mobile gaming world and capitalize on this exciting moment!

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as summertime blockbuster movie hits roll out. Let’s make this summer unforgettable for both fans and brands alike! Connect with us today to get in the game.