Nadav David - Sales Lead (Location: Italy)

Welcome to the next instalment in our Employee Spotlight series, where we will meet some of the friendly faces here at Kidoz, and showcase firsthand stories about what working at Kidoz is like.

What do you do at Kidoz?

I work in the sales team and am responsible for lead generation, prospecting, operational tasks around sales development, and monitoring new or existing sales channels.

What is the most interesting thing about your work?

The thing that keeps me on my toes the most, are the various outreach strategies and concepts that I must be ready to deploy from my toolbox between the different sales channels I engage with daily, each with its own nuance.

Where were you before working at Kidoz? Any interesting jobs that led you to where you are today?

Before working at Kidoz I worked as a professional baker in Belgium. As I discover more and more about what truly lies behind the meaning of "sales" I am able to draw so many similarities with baking - you have to be very methodological and meticulous yet agile in your responses or else all could collapse.

What do you like most about the culture at Kidoz?

I really like the fact that Kidoz is so diverse, and I get to talk and work with people from around the world. On top of that I feel that there is a strong collective effort towards the same goal, which is very motivating.

Can you share a few fun facts about yourself?

I spend way too much time lurking in specialty coffee forums, discussing brewing parameters and equipment and obviously drinking coffee. You can probably find me almost everyday doing Crossfit. Whenever we have time to travel, my partner and I like going on trips with the sole purpose of tasting everything we can.

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