If you or your company have been thinking about using contextual targeting as part of your ad strategy, you've come to the right spot. Contextual targeting with Kidoz, has several competitive advantages when it comes to mobile ad campaigns.

What is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual Targeting refers to the placement of an advertisement (on a digital device) that is directly relevant to the product being sold in the ad. The content within the ad is, therefore, directly related to the content the user is engaged in.Contextual Targeting has been around since the golden age of television, however with the rise of the digital age, contextual ad targeting initially began in the realm of websites, then shifted to mobile.  It ultimately became less common as the “behavioural targeting” model evolved and became more popular as demand rose. As the past decade marched on, and smart phones began to dominate the mobile sector, there came along with it an increased emphasis on digital privacy. New legislation worldwide along with pressure from privacy advocates, has resulted in a return once again of the Contextual Targeting approach to advertising placement.

What is the Kidoz Edge?

  • we do not use data targeting
  • we have inventory across 1000s of apps
  • we reach over 300M kids, teens and families
  • we are one of a handful of Adtech companies that are both Google Play Certified and Apple Store Approved
  • we focus on the theme and style of your product and work with apps that match
  • we custom curate each and every campaign

Reach out to sales@kidoz.net, and see how we can build successful, safe campaigns for your audiences.