Kidoz Inc, with our tech-enabled Canadian mobile advertising platform, continues to realize strong growth in a difficult market by remaining focused on children’s safety in the mobile world. In our recent interview with whatsyourtech.ca, CEO Jason WIlliams sheds light on the ever changing emphasis on childrens data privacy and safety in digital realms, and how Kidoz has forged the path for brands and advertisers in this space.

Our success comes as other technology companies, social media networks and government regulators struggle with controversies and concerns affecting kids’ online safety, access to suitable media content and relevant advertising, and the appropriate age attained and necessary information provided for giving consent in today’s digital environment.

Concerns about kids’ safety in the digital world and age of consent rules designed to protect children while they’re interacting with media and technology, are  key to our success. Advertisers are looking for brand-safe media with the widest reach, and Kidoz is the solution.

We guarantee the safety of customer data; that’s our primary goal and mission. We have built a digital ad monetization system that is 100 per cent data free – we do not store, save, share, or have anything to do with user data.

(Jason Williams, CEO Kidoz)

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