As kids spend more and more time on apps, the need for age gates has become more prevalent than ever before. Age gates are standard on the Internet to prevent minors from viewing inappropriate content. However, in mobile apps, the requirement for content screening by age is less of a requirement as Apple and Google block most inappropriate content categories altogether, and content such as violence is flagged with visible age warnings.

Age gating helps create a safer place for minors when playing with their favourite apps. Data security gives parents peace of mind to know their children can view safe advertising in their games and not be profiled or tracked to other locations. At Kidoz, we created a safe way to deliver and execute advertising for our partners with zero data sharing or targeting. This helps us to stay compliant with global regulations and provide kid-safe ads to mobile devices.

Kidoz CEO Jason Williams told Techcouver all about age-gating in their latest newsdesk feature here.