Finding the perfect platform for your brand is paramount for marketers, and in-app advertising offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences all over the globe. Kidoz knows just how integral mobile gaming is to reach youth audiences, and we are thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to our network – Crossy Road, from popular publisher Hipster Whale.

annoucing new app crossy road to kidoz network

What does this latest addition to our network mean for you and your brand?

1. Wider Reach

Our extensive network spans diverse demographics and regions, offering precise targeting options for your brand. With Crossy Road in our lineup, we tap into a massive and engaged gaming audience (the game has over 200M+ downloads!!), amplifying your brands reach.

2. In-Game Advertising with Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a gaming sensation, and Kidoz unique in-game advertising solution creates immersive brand experiences within a non-intrusive, seamless gaming environment.

3. Privacy and Compliance

Rest easy with our strong commitment to childrens privacy and regulatory compliance, including GDPR and COPPA. Crossy Road is also rated E for everyone - it's a game the whole family loves.

4. Dynamic Partnership

Our dedicated team offers tailored solutions to meet your brand's unique objectives. We would LOVE to craft ad campaigns that resonate with your audience and yield stellar results.

Join us on the road to brand success, now with the power of Crossy Road in our network of over 5000 top apps. Contact us now to see your next campaigns win!