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Videos for Kids


KIDO'Z TV - Videos for kids

KIDO’Z can turns your computer into a safe, fun and educational TV for kids with thousands of Fun and Educational videos kids.

Videos are sorted into channels including the popular kids’ channels:

- Movies for kids

- Funny Stuff

- Cartoon

- Fun & Entertainment

- Learn “How To” do things

- The Science channel for kids

- Sesame Street

- Stories for kids

- Kids Songs

- Animals Clips (All kids friendly)

- Learning channel

- Baby channel


New content added on a regular basis and in addition kids can easily create their own Play List with their favorite videos video clips.

The KIDO’Z Smart Content Engine automatically filters video clips according to gender, age, nationality and language, making sure your child gets the most relevant content.

Parents can add private channels and videos for their child via the parental control and share it with the community. All shared videos are pre-approved by the KIDO’Z Moderation Team before joining the public domain.

New !!!
- New smart caching engine has been added for much faster navigation.
- HD Support. kids can watch now videos in HD quality.

KIDO’Z TV is also available as a standalone application on the:

- Chrome Webstore – for chrome browser and chrome OS

- Android Market – for Android Smartphone and tablets

- Firefox Add-ons – as a Firefox extenstion

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