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Safe, easy and fun way for young kids to
surf sites, watch videos, play games and learn !

The perfect internet solution for your child


 It seems that you can not
automatically install KIDO'Z Browser

Click Here for manual installation

Available in 17 languages:
compatible with:


Certified - Kids Safe It's safe !
KIDO'Z lets kids explore, learn, create, interact and communicate independently in one safe and secure place
Made for young kids.
Easy and direct access to tons of kid-approved content while no reading skills are needed
Personalized for your kid
KIDO'Z smartly customize the content for each kid making sure that your kid gets the most relevant content

Features Include:

  Kids safe browser
  Video Media Player for kids
  Safe Games Zone
  Art & Creativity Suite
  Fun & Secure kids Email
  Parental Control account
  Smart Web Filter
  Advanced security settings
  Timer and usage tracker
  Pre-loaded with the latest and
greatest kids' content on the web
  Easy setup, all you need is a computer with an internet connection

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New !!! KIDO'Z for your Smartphone
What other parents think ?
My 4 y/o boy absolutely loves the Kidoz browser. To him, it IS the computer.
Bill Genereux, Kansas
So I have tested the kidoz browser and it kicks butt. Love it! Allows my 3yr old to play while I cook.
Jerry Tirado, Georgia:

I just found KIDO'Z this summer and have been using it in my elementary school technology classes.  The kids LOVE it!  Thanks so much for offering KIDO'Z. 
Susan, UK

All three of my children love Kidoz and they are 9, 6 1/2 and almost 4!  I love that there is a safe place for my kids to play all of their favorite games, and I do not have to worry about them getting off track.  Thank you for providing such a great tool for both parents and children.
I have 2 autistic boys (7 years old and 5 yrs old), and they love it.    They are both non-verbal,  but the computer really does help them learn too.  Thank you.
Great 3 year old is now faster at surfing than some of my students...look out!
mwacker, Colorado
Our son loves it, and I love it too! My mind is assured that he will be safe while using Kido'z. It's also so friendly & easy to use!
Rowena Scicluna, Malta

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