Reinventing the
Kids App Economy
Become part of the KIDO’Z Pass, our ‘pay-per-use’ model and get rewarded for every minute they play!

Introducing the
KIDO’Z Pass is a premium subscription service of the KIDO’Z platform
offering millions of users unlimited access to first-class apps, games,
and videos:

Focus on quality and added-value apps

Only appropriate & relevant content for kids

Unlimited play with no “pressure” on parents
What’s in it for you?

YOU earn money every time they open your app and the clock starts ticking!

What’s in it for them?

KIDS get a huge playground with no purchase barriers or inappropriate ads.

How does it work ?


Submit your content for review & approval by the KIDO’Z content team. Once approved we will send you an email with your developer ID and link to our developers dashboard where you can upload your apps .



Make sure your KIDO’Z Pass app version contains no ads, external links or in-app purchases. Add our SDK so that we can track the money you have earned. (only takes a few minutes)


Earn Money

Upload your apps and start tracking your earnings. The revenue collected for the Pass will be divided among developers based on usage (time played). You will get paid monthly for every minute your content engages a child.

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KIDOZ Play Mode (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.  


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