Kids Can Say and Search Content they Love with KIDOZ

KIDOZ enhances content discovery with kids’ voice search, providing users with a kid-friendly way to find content

NEW YORK, March 2016KIDOZ, the discovery network for kids, is announcing the launch of its safe voice search for kids, which provides them with greater freedom to explore on mobile devices.

One of the most important shifts the internet has provided is the ability for people to search for information they are looking for. While kids today are native to the mobile space, they are unable to use most search tools because they are not kid-safe and also require them to read and write. It doesn’t make sense that kids are reliant on their parents to search for new material. KIDOZ Safe Search allows them to look for information through voice search, and allows them to find information whenever they are looking.  

Unlike other kids’ search engines, KIDOZ Safe Search can be used by kids who have not yet learned to read and write. Through the search users have access to over 200,000 preapproved pieces of content in the KIDOZ Network. All results are populated from the KIDOZ network, and include thousands of apps, videos, books, and websites that are approved for kids.

KIDOZ Say and Search feature comes preloaded on KIDOZ Mode V4, which is preinstalled on devices by over 40 device makers. It can also be downloaded as a standalone app on Android and iOS. Designed with kids’ behavior in mind, the search section includes 2 components: one button activates the voice search, and another field for those wishing to type the keyword they are looking for. Once the user inputs the search criteria kid-safe results are displayed.

“We are constantly striving to make the content discovery experience better for kids,”says Gai Havkin, Co-Founder & CEO of KIDOZ. “The new KIDOZ  voice search enriches kids lives by giving them the power and freedom to find content they love safely and independently.”  

About KIDOZ – Founded in 2009, KIDOZ is the world’s largest content discovery platform for kids. Designed to provide children with relevant content in a safe way, the company provides developers with a safe and COPPA compliant way to increase engagement and generate revenue.