Thriving Amidst Coronavirus – 3 Notable Trends

By April 19, 2020 No Comments

It’s been a rough couple of months around the globe but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Experts are now predicting that the tight restrictions we are all facing should begin to ease up in the next 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, ‘kids’ companies are finding ways to succeed in these challenging times.

Toy Sales Remain Strong

Recent reports from media sources indicate that sales for puzzles, outdoor toys, arts and crafts kits, books, building sets, and educational toys have been booming. NPD has reported that these categories have been seeing a sales increase from 20% (outdoor) to as high as 230% (puzzles). This data suggests parents are clearly trying to keep kids occupied while they work at home.

Edutainment is in High Demand

Performance Brands are now at the forefront of the digital advertising landscape.
Along with long-time advertiser ABC Mouse, Kidoz is now promoting online content creators from the Edutainment & Educational space including WildWorks (Animal Jam), TutoToonsHomer LearningSplashLearn and more.
Due to the high relevance of these apps and the fact that parents are looking for quality screen time for their children, Kidoz can promote these publishers in a success-based model and still generate a good eCPM.

Kids & Mobile: It’s like Christmas Every Day!

Here at Kidoz, when it comes to kids and mobile usage, every day is like Christmas these days.
The following chart shows daily active users across the Kidoz SDK before and after the Corona outbreak.
We are seeing continuous growth with no significant difference between weekdays and weekends and our daily reach has risen to over 9M unique users with overall traffic growing by 30% on weekends and 60% on weekdays.


The Kidoz Team is here to help brands, developers and sales houses with their efforts to make it through this time in particular, and with all monetization efforts, in general.

If we can help in any way, please let us know.