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KIDOZ takes issues of privacy and copyright very seriously and does all it can to prevent abuse and infringement of rights on our mobile apps, website and PC program (“KIDOZ Services”).

As a platform for content discovery for kids, KIDOZ is extremely sensitive to the importance of providing kid-friendly content and makes every effort to ensure that only appropriate content is offered in our libraries. All content provided by KIDOZ is from official and/or reliable sources, reviewed for its relevance and suitability to kids.

KIDOZ offers access to online content and applications and respects all laws regarding copyright and infringement. If you believe that content accessible through KIDOZ Services infringes a copyright, please report this to us and we will handle it immediately.

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This form shall be used for complaints regarding any form of abuse, inappropriate content or any violation of the KIDOZ Terms of Use.

KIDOZ does not undertake in any way to accept your complaint and/or to take any action, and it shall act or refrain from taking action at its sole discretion after considering your complaint and verifying the information you provide.

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