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Fun & Safe
Play Mode f
or Kids
KIDOZ turns phones, tablets & PCs into kids friendly devices for playing and learning with the latest and greatest kids’ apps, videos and online content delivered directly to your child

Learn why kids (and parents) love KIDO’Z

What Parents Say

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Easy and fun to use

Early childhood is a world filled with imagination, exploration and play!

KIDO’Z has been specifically designed to empower kids and help them grow and develop within a fun, safe and easy-to-use digital environment.

Our kid-friendly, colorful and iconic user interface enable kids to navigate, play, explore and discover safely and independently, even if they can't yet read or write!

KIDOZ supports online and offline modes and once kids start using KIDO’Z it immediately becomes the main gateway to their digital experience.


Made for every kid

With their own culture, language, age, likes and dislikes, we understand that every child is unique.

We created KIDO’Z with this in mind. With KIDO’Z, you can automatically personalize the content and the experience for each of your children.

Apps the KIDO’Z Way

KIDO’Z allows kids to play their favorite apps and discover new ones within a safe and secure environment.

KIDO’Z automatically filters the apps on the phone/tablet, and only displays those apps that are recognized as safe, relevant and appropriate for your children's ages.

KIDO’Z is also automatically updated when new kids’ friendly apps are added to the device. In addition to this, you can manually manage the approved apps list for the individual needs of each of your children, from the password-protected Parental Control panel.

KIDO’Z App Store

Extending KIDO’Z with new games, e-books and educational apps is easy and can be done by you or your child through the KIDO’Z App Store.

The KIDO’Z App store is part of the protected environment, and contains only kid-friendly content. The installation process is secure and does not require your child leave the safe zone to go to Google Play.


The greatest online experience for kids

Preloaded with a set of online applications and tons of pre-approved content, KIDO’Z allows kids to safely and easily explore the web like never before.

New websites, videos and games are added on a regular basis, ensuring a fresh influx of content at all times.

Safe Video Experience
  Browse the web safely   Learn while having fun
KIDOZ TV   KIDOZ Browser   KIDOZ Games
KIDOZ TV turns your device into a safe, fun and educational TV for kids, with 1000's of kid-friendly videos sorted into channels for easy exploration.
The KIDO’Z Browser is pre-loaded with 1000's of the latest and greatest websites for kids, allowing them to explore the web in a protected, easy-to-use browsing environment.
KIDO’Z Games brings your child a safe and fun playing experience with 100's of pre-approved educational and fun online games that are suitable for all kids.

Advanced Parental Controls

The KIDO’Z Parental Control Account is a parent-only, password-protected area that allows you to manage and customize your child’s KIDO’Z experience.

You can adjust the settings and security level for each one of your children and customize it to their specific needs.

Setting Time Limit

KIDO’Z enables you to limit your kids’ screen time by setting various time limit rules, ensuring a healthy and moderate usage of the device by your kids.

Apps/Content Management

While by default content and apps are handled automatically by KIDO’Z and don’t require parents involvement, you can manage, block or add content and apps specifically for your kids.

It’s Safe !
Need We Say It Again? KIDO’Z is 100% Safe For Kids!

KIDOZ Play Mode (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Safety and security for children are the core issues for KIDO’Z.
In KIDO’Z there are several layers of security that ensure that your child is in a protected safe environment and exposed only to appropriate content.

From the password-protected Parental Control panel, to the moderated and pre-approved content, KIDO’Z provides an unrivaled level of child safety and parental peace-of-mind.

Apps Blocker   Protected Environment   Ads Blocker   Real Time Filter
KIDO’Z blocks all unapproved apps from running, including apps that are triggered from other apps, from a system notification or from a back-end process, making sure that kids will only be able to interact with apps that are appropriate for them.   KIDO’Z creates a safe and protected environment for kids. A parental password can be set for exiting the environment, making sure kids will not be able to access the device in parental/normal mode.   Ads and links on apps and webpages that lead to unapproved content are blocked by KIDOZ , preventing them from being viewed by children.
  KIDO’Z white listing technology ensures that all the apps and content that is available for your child in KIDOZ is relevant, appropriate and safe for your child.

Available in 20 languages:

KIDOZ Play Mode (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.  


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