Kidoz Launches Official Adapter

By June 28, 2020 No Comments

Kidoz is expanding the reach of its KIDOZ Safe Advertising Network, with the official launch of a programmatic header bidding adapter on which will enable network connections from new advertising sources – Prebid.js is the header bidding “container” or “wrapper” that is most widely used by advertising sources to enable their network connections.

Prebid is a transparent, open-source solution that increases advertiser demand while maintaining a fast and responsive user experience. Prebid.js launched in 2015 to make header bidding easy for publishers by bringing conformity and simplicity to the header bidding process. By creating a simple, open tech layer upon which companies could add their code to a standard but optimized foundation, Prebid.js made it easier to implement header bidding, and offered the largest repository of working adapters.

The Kidoz prebid adapter joins an open-source selection of over 200 bidder adapters from networks looking to expand the reach of their programmatic networks. Kidoz will maintain its own Prebid.js adapter, to enable it to provide the freshest code for publishers.

“Kidoz is investing in programmatic advertising technology to connect our industry leading mobile KidSafe network to as many complementary publishing and demand sources as possible,” stated Jason Williams, Kidoz Co-CEO. “Our prebid adapter enables new apps, connected TV, and web publishers to access Kidoz campaigns programmatically with an easy and direct connection. Management believes that as we continue to advance our programmatic systems, our network’s scale will increase more rapidly; the service provided to advertisers will improve; and the revenue we derive from impressions on our network will grow.”

The implementation documentation can be found here.

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