Kid-Friendly Monetization: The Annual Survey for Kids’ App Publishers

By May 5, 2019 No Comments

KIDOZ has conducted an annual survey among top kids publishers. We plan on keeping this tradition and creating surveys each year to gather insights and trends from the industry leaders.
Here are the some insights from the survey, as presented at TheKidsWantMobile event in Bologna.

Content of Slides (including important notes we shared with the audience):

Slide 2: The majority of app publishers found 2018 to be much better than 2017.
The ones who considered 2018 to be a successful year said that revenues grew and more opportunities opened up for them with more kids and devices than ever. The ones for whom 2017 was worse, mentioned Google’s algorithm changes effecting small and medium publishers in general and policy changes restricting monetization.

Slide 3: These 2 slides show why the opportunity in our space is huge. While linear TV is losing audience, mobile usage soars among kids and is becoming the #1 screen for kids. Advertisers are poised to spend more on mobile in order to stay relevant.

Slide 4: Total spend on advertising by kids brands will pass 1 billion dollars this year, and while YouTube is enjoying the majority of these budgets, many brands are moving budgets out of YouTube from brand safety concerns.

Slide 5: 77.8% responded that Google Play is their number 1 platform when it comes to revenues, with advertising being the main business model on Google Play. If your apps on Google Play are not taking advantage of kid-friendly adverting yet, they should.

Slide 6: App monetization on iOS is more balanced between the different business models. Based on the answers, when developers intend to monetize through a paid model or in-app purchases, iOS is the more lucrative platform.

Slide 7: Most app publishers answered that they will use kid-focused networks like Kidoz only, but more than 40% mentioned they will show any COPPA ad alongside kid-focused networks to grow fill rate.

Slide 8: We presented some examples of the COPPA Compliant ads that are far from being appropriate for kids. Obviously, running only COPPA ads as the only filtering will not prevent inappropriate ads to be shown within your apps, and may still create a problem with App Store regulations, and even have apps to be suspended, or excluded from Design for Family category.

Slide 9: We emphasized that developers of kids apps should block doubtful categories & inappropriate content if using generic networks.

Slide 10: Few recommendations for publishers:
A. Build a rewarded flow into your app’s experience as rewarded ads bring the highest eCPM and provide the best experience for kids (the ad come on demand instead of popping up during game play).
B. Diversify your portfolio age focus towards older ages as advertisers avoid targeting young kids.

Slide 11: Kidoz Co-CEO, Eldad Ben Tora hosted a monetization panel with leading app publishers Edoki, StoryToys and TutoToons who shared their challenges monetizing kids apps.