Breaking News: The KIDOZ SDK is now available for iOS

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No individual child is the same, so it makes sense the apps kids like vary greatly. While the style and theme of apps covers a large range, app developers for kids have the same requests when monetizing. They don’t want to compromise on the integrity of their apps. This means providing a native play experience, and avoiding showering users with ads that are irrelevant and aren’t kid-safe.

Many of the most creative and engaging apps for kids are on iOS, and we have been hearing requests for a COPPA compliant monetization tool from the iOS developer community. We’re excited to launch the KIDOZ SDK on iOS, and enable developers to increase engagement while generating revenue in a kid-friendly way.  

Launched for Android developers in December, the KIDOZ SDK solves this problem by introducing a new revenue model for developers: through its content recommendation technology developers can generate revenue without using distracting advertising in their apps.  

The SDK provides a contextual and effective model for developers, by providing content recommendations that are appropriate for users, and can be customized to fit the needs, design and experience of each app. Developers currently integrating with KIDOZ for Android apps are experiencing eCPMs that are up to 5 times greater than admob.

In contrast to ad networks, KIDOZ provides developers with a content-based revenue model that offers only kid-friendly recommendations. It is also COPPA compliant, meeting the guidelines of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and ensuring a safe experience for kids.

Interested in trying the SDK out for your iOS app? Give Guy, our VP of Mobile a shout at guy[at]

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