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Educational Game Publisher Succeeds in Earning High eCPM While Staying 100% COPPA Compliant

By November 27, 2017 No Comments

About Publisher

Tap Tap Tales is a well-known publisher of educational apps for children, and famous for successful licensing partnerships. Their background includes extensive experience developing, publishing, and distributing applications and video games.

App Portfolio

14+ Educational Games


17K Daily Downloads


The Tap Tap Tales team invests a lot of time in creating quality content that contributes greatly to the education of young children.

The developer was looking for a safe way to monetize Tap Tap Tales apps. It was very important to show only carefully selected kid-related ad campaigns that would respect their young audience, while at the same time bring a high eCPM.


Successful Monetization Solution

Tap Tap Tales team worked closely with Kidoz account managers to choose the best monetization model, including:

  •       Customized units to fit Tap Tap Tales app experience
  •       An optimized monetization model that combines using a Panel unit on main screens with Interstitials and Rewarded videos between levels
  •       Optional parental controls enabling parents to disable ads completely.


Revenues coming from Kidoz exclusive campaigns for kids met and even surpassed Tap Tap Tales expectations.

Within a few months after trying the SDK, Tap Tap Tales has started migrating all of their apps to include Kidoz SDK.

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