Breaking Down More Walls at TKWM 16, Berlin

By May 23, 2016 No Comments

As the plane touched down at home and we let everything sink in, we wanted to share our own 2 cents on this year’s The Kids Want Mobile conference, which took place in Berlin last week.

This was an amazing opportunity, having the greatest of Europe’s mobile kids’ space personas all together in the same place, sharing thoughts, insights and dilemmas. Once again, Fox & Sheep did a magnificent job, arranging top-notch speakers, a great venue and an atmosphere of creativity and discussion.

So, without further ado, here are some highlights from TKWM 16, in no particular order:

Christoph Niemann bubbling with inspiration

It was a treat getting this short glimpse into Christoph’s creative mind. He revealed to us the inner workings of his creative process, while developing his charming app “Chomp”.


Fox & Sheep’s Timo Dries showing us the way in

Your first encounter with your audience will never be the same after hearing Timo speak about practical onboarding methods, providing many great examples on how to improve a user’s’ first impression of your app.


Viacom’s Henrik von Bodenhausen paving the golden paths to Youtube

As Henric very eloquently explained: Youtube is awesome not only for monetization: every developer in the kids’ space should (must!) build a concrete video content strategy to strengthen brand awareness. Video is the new king, hooray!


Budge’s Ollie Sykes finishing conference with a bang

Ollie shared his 10(ish) commandments of creativity, and you really wanna follow them if you’re setting your creative bar high. Sykes gave quite a show, ending a great day with a dazzling finish.


And of course: our pre-conference night out!

KIDOZ and Fundamentally Children joined hands to organize the pre-conference event. It was awesome meeting and getting to know so many of the attendees; and the drinks and ideas were flowing. And if we left any question unanswered, please, don’t be shy – feel free to email or call. Hoping to see you all next year!



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