Think Small. The Renaissance of Banners on Mobile

By December 31, 2018 No Comments
Rina Zholobova, Head of Publisher Relations, Kidoz


Do you remember the first banner ad that was ever created and launched?
It is such an integral part of the advertising industry, that it has its own website honoring its memory 🙂

Since its first launch, banners have gone through many stages, from being admired by advertisers to being considered annoying and intrusive. Today, the banner advertising concept is considered a fair monetization method by most users and has matured from flashy blinking creatives by low-tier advertisers to gentle branded units by top-tier brands.

Digital display advertising in the US has been growing and will continue to climb. US advertisers will have spent nearly $48 billion on digital display ads by the end of 2018, according to eMarketer estimates.

When it comes to popular brands in the kid’s space, the main goal of using digital display advertising is to create brand awareness. Brands that used to catch kids’ attention through TV ads, reportedly have lost their ability to reach their audience, as kids turn to mobile devices.


From feedback coming from many app developers working with Kidoz, we have learned that banners are no longer considered an intrusive placement, but rather have become the preferred partial-screen digital display unit within a game.


Why publishers and advertisers like banners

  1. Banners don’t cover the app interface, and can come in a small size, usually 320 by 50 at the bottom or top of the app.
  2. Users are not forced to click on the banner or dismiss it everytime they see it, since it doesn’t interfere with gameplay.

  3. Banners are rotatable and when all impressions during a session are aggregated, they can yield a good eCPM for developers, for the small space they take.
  4. Advertisers are not expecting a high click rate and are fine with even less than a 1% CTR as they understand that the main KPI is viability.  
  5. Advertisers find banners an effective tool that can increase reach and repetition, since the cost is not as high as full-screen units.

Banners create a balance and bring successful results to both sides.

How can you take advantage of banners?

When creating or updating your next app, we recommend dedicating a special spot in the app UI for banners, preferably at the top of the screen, as the chances of unintentional clicks is lower.


Remember that banner ads do not necessarily need to appear on every screen. Advertisers may select popular screens users visit within the app and place their banners exclusively in those locations.

If your game enjoys long game sessions, you may show multiple banners under one placement during the game (automatically with Kidoz SDK), with minimal interference to the user experience.