The KIDOZ Network is Now Bigger Than California

By January 10, 2017 No Comments

Launched only a year ago, The KIDOZ Network, spanning millions of mobile devices and thousands of kids’ apps, now reaches over 50,000,000 children. 50MM – that’s more than the entire population of California!

When we launched our SDK a year ago, we were determined to fix what we believed was a broken ecosystem. In the kids’ mobile space, app developers struggled to get compensated for their hard work, brands were seeking new channels to interact with children who were moving away from television and towards mobile devices, and kids, unfortunately, had few tools and opportunities for discovering new, fresh, relevant, safe and cool content.

This ecosystem was screaming for a solution, and we worked hard to introduce the concept of content discovery to the kids’ mobile industry. We strove to give all players within this ecosystem a good chance to meet their goals, with tools that were tailor-made to fit their needs. We were welcomed with open arms, even by those who started to question themselves, their entrepreneurship and the paths they’d chosen.

So who’s on our Network? Users of top devices who chose KIDOZ as their official kid-mode and the enthusiast audience of thousands of kids’ apps. While our audience of 50MM+ consists only of kids/family, it is diverse and well segmented:

This warm embrace by all parties has now translated to numbers: 50MM kids that trust KIDOZ and rely on us to help them explore and find the best mobile content out there for them – task we’ve proudly and gladly undertaken. 2016 was good to us; here’s to an even better 2017!