Kids’ Mobile Space Top 8 Moments of 2016 and What They Mean

By December 27, 2016 No Comments

2016 has been packed with moments that changed or marked future trends in the kids’ mobile space. Wrapping up this year, and welcoming the next, here are our top moments:

Toca Boca purchased by SpinMaster (April)

While many companies are struggling with their migration towards mobile, the Toca Boca deal perfectly portrays a new life cycle for brands. Toca Boca is a mobile-first brand and the big potential of its IP – online and offline – was cleverly spotted by Spin Master, who recognized how physical toys and digital platforms merge and create a new experience.

Google launches Project Blocks app (May)

Google is very serious about the future of the next generation, and is willing to work hard for that agenda. Its Project Blocks, which launched this past May, along with Lab Journal and Apple’s Swift Playgrounds, demonstrate how tech giants are reaching out to kids, trying to get them psyched about science and coding, preferably on their own platforms, of course.

Inmobi fined $950,000 for COPPA violations (June)

The FTC means business and it is working hard to enforce the rules it has set to keep kids safe online. It had a busy year with heavily fined companies, proving that all players in the kids’ space should take regulation very seriously. Publishers, brands and third parties are all under the radar and are working harder to keep their audience safe and their company public profile clean. What’s in store for 2017? We’re likely to see an even stricter under-13-gate enforcement as well as influencers-marketing regulations.

Pokemon GO rolls out, outgrows Tinder in days (July)

Enough said, really 🙂

TabTale crosses a billion downloads for kids mobile games and apps (August)

Perhaps one most inspiring moments in the kids’ apps industry in 2016. With an inventory of over 350 apps from different genres, TabTale inspires an entire industry and is the embodiment of the category potential.

Online overtakes TV as kids’ top pastime (November)

This tipping point has long been anticipated and was inevitable. It was only a matter of time until the graph flipped, showing the unstoppable strength of the online and mobile environment and what it means for kids. The new reality is a wake-up call to companies that are still struggling with their mobile migration and who have yet to create smart and substantial mobile presence, assets and distribution.

The KIDOZ Network now reaches 50,000,000 users (December)

As kids/family-centered brands look for new alternatives to reach the mass audiences once found in front of the TV screen, the KIDOZ Network has grown dramatically to 50,000,000 users as of the end of 2016. Kids, scattered throughout the mobile space, are now reachable via one major safe network, implemented in thousands of kids’ apps and powering kid mode on top devices.