Meows, Minions, and Manners: Insights On Kids’ Mobile Behavior From 2015

By December 30, 2015 No Comments

With 2016 just around the corner, the KIDOZ team has taken a look back at our users’ behavior in the past year. At KIDOZ, we review a significant amount of data, and thus have a unique perspective of the kids segment, allowing us to identify trends, market changes, brand strength and interest within the kids space. We wanted to share some of these insights with partners and readers.

Here’s a snippet of our insights:

The road ahead for superbrands

Mobile-born brands are still doing better in the apps sphere compared to traditional brands. According to KIDOZ data, traditional brands, such as Disney and Nickelodeon, still dominated mobile video (4 out of top 5), but they still have room to grow in terms of app popularity.

Superbrands are doing incredibly well on the big screen and in merchandise sales, but seem to be left behind as far as mobile app usage. This is a large market with huge opportunities, and we believe 2016 will be the year for traditional brands to close the gap and translate kids’ affection and excitement to mobile app usage.

Minion Rush is the one exception to the trend in 2015 – with the popular characters also securing the second spot on top apps. Take a look:


Kids love educational content – when well served

As opposed to a generic generational rant, kids DO consume educational content, and they love it. This should go without saying, but when creating content for kids it is important for kids to feel engaged, and like they are constantly learning. Top channels on the KIDOZ network are designed with kids development in mind, indicating huge potential for this segment.







Sadly, kids like cats better than dogs

Admittedly, I am a dog lover. Man’s best friend is my best friend. However, ‘cats’ was the second most popular search on KIDOZ, showing that with kids today cats win out in the running debate on cats vs. dogs. Boooo.

It’s a fact – today’s kids are genuinely good people!

For those of you concerned kids are losing their manners as they spend more time online, don’t fret – ‘please’ was the fourth most searched word on KIDOZ Voice Search. If kids are extending this level of courtesy to their mobile devices, we’re quite certain politeness lives on in our times.


We’re positive 2016 will be at least as exciting as this past year, and will bring even more opportunities for the kids’ content and tech industries, and most importantly – to kids around the world themselves. Happy new year ya’ll 🙂