KIDOZ is on Fire. Kindle Fire.

By November 25, 2014 No Comments

We’re proud to announce that the KIDOZ app is now available on the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Kindle devices are chosen over and over again as one of the best devices for kids, and what is more natural than having KIDOZ available for them?

Following Amazon’s approach to KIDOZ, it made perfect sense to create a dedicated version for the Amazon Appstore.

The KIDOZ app was launched on Amazon last week and was immediately featured on several channels – Shoveler placements, group billboards and the Amazon newsletter.

To celebrate this launch and for a limited time, Amazon users can enjoy KIDOZ Pro for free, with all its advanced features included: Timer restrictions, creating personalized video channels, online content management and more.

The Amazon version also includes the KIDOZ Store – our home-grown app store that lets kids buy apps using virtual coins. Bringing KIDOZ Store to Amazon users gives our developers additional exposure and distribution.

KIDOZ can be downloaded from the Amazon Appstore either for Fire devices or for Android devices.

The Amazon version is an important milestone in our journey to become the leading kids discovery platform and network everywhere!