KIDOZ is Officially Launching Our New Kids Platform at CES

By December 28, 2015 No Comments

In a few days, innovators from around the globe will converge at the Consumer Electronics Show to share new technology and gadgets that will shape the technology landscape in the coming years.

This will be our third year attending CES, but a very special one, as we’re officially launching our KIDOZ network.

Kids are a huge and active user base, but they are a segment that also requires a completely different approach than the mass market: kids require special safety features, and products that suit their behaviour.

After a busy year, in which we’ve launched our content discovery SDK, and partnered with leading manufacturers, we’re returning to CES to offer a new and more advanced solution for the industry to cater to the kids market.

Every year we meet with device makers, mobile carriers, and content producers wondering how to cater to the kids segment. What are the top 3 issues you should be addressing?

Answering Parents Safety Concerns

Parents are constantly looking for a safe and filtered environment, including parental controls and time management tools, which will give them peace of mind when handing over their devices to their kids. Those looking to attract the lucrative kids market need a holistic solution that eases parents’ concerns.

Help Your Young Audience Discover Great Content

Providing great content to kids should be a central focus for device makers and carriers who want kids to enjoy their devices. It’s not enough to just filter online content and block anything inappropriate.To sell your product to kids, you must offer relevant and engaging apps, games, and books every day, as kids get easily bored and need to be constantly fed with new ideas.

Making it Worthwhile with a Kid-Friendly Revenue Stream

In order to continue to provide great products to kids, the industry must be able to generate revenues in a fair and responsible way, and meet COPPA guidelines to ensure kids privacy and safety is respected.

Today there is active discussion over how to monetize the kids segment, and luckily there are several responsible and kid-friendly ways manufacturers and content producers can meet their needs.

CES 2016 is guaranteed to be packed with great releases, and the industry doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, leave the kids behind.

If you are going to be at CES and the skyrocketing kids segment is on your roadmap, let’s meet and discuss how to cater to kids.

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Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!