KIDOZ Announces Partnership with Ematic’s Popular Tablet for Kids – FunTab

By September 11, 2014 No Comments

We’re happy and excited to announce our partnership with Ematic to create the next generation of FunTab, their successful kids’ tablet.The new FunTab will now be powered with KIDOZ, another testament to our success in creating engaging entertainment platforms for children.

The FunTab 2 offers a complete mobile OS for kids, including KIDOZ safe environment, integrated parental controls and home-grown app store. It will come preloaded with over 50 apps along with KIDOZ broad library of the best pre-approved and age-appropriate kids’ content, including games, educational apps, websites and videos.

This partnership will bring the KIDOZ platform, our extensive content library and the KIDOZ Store to hundred of thousands of kids over the next 2 years and will provide our community of developers with more exposure and monetization options than ever before.

If you’re part of our developers community make sure to submit your apps and games, and enjoy this distribution opportunity. If you’re not part of our developers community yet, then why not join today?