Kidoz Announces the Launch of the Kidoz SDK for iOS

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Kid-focused developers on the iOS platform are about to receive some good news.

Kidoz, the leading COPPA-compliant content discovery platform for kids, is announcing the release of its popular SDK also for the iOS platform.

Debuting on the Android platform in 2016, hundreds of Android family developers have integrated the Kidoz SDK on thousands of kid’s apps to help them generate needed revenue and promote their applications to over 60 million kids who otherwise might not have discovered their creations.

Yael Dor, Kidoz VP of Product says, “The new SDK opens the door for many developers to expand the use of KIDOZ to their iOS users and enjoy it’s great campaigns and relevance to their users. We have added many enhancements to the product in order to make it as light and fast as possible, supporting all kind of ads formats such as HTML5, Vast, JS and MRAID standards, while keeping it flexible for changes and updates without the need of releasing a new version each time”.

“App developers that have published on both Android and iOS have been requesting a Kidoz SDK on iOS for the past year and we have been working hard to be able to give it to them. More than 50 of Kidoz top publishers are already making preparations for the iOS release.” Added Rina Zholobova, Head of Developer Relations at Kidoz.

Developers are not the only ones excited with the recent announcement. Kidoz also works with brands of all sizes helping them connect with kids and families in a zero-data environment while respecting the nature of the developer’s app environment and unique audience.

The Kidoz SDK for iOS will help developers grow and monetize their apps on iPhones and iPads where parents are more likely to be involved in the co-viewing experience and more frequently make purchases on their devices.

“As advertisers are flock to mobile, the need to reach high-quality users is with bigger buying power is rapidly growing.

Kidoz iOS SDK, will allow app publishers that successfully engage kids to respectfully earn by presenting TV and YouTube-like promotions from brands kids love.” says Eldad Ben Tora, Kidoz, Co-Founder, and CEO.

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About Kidoz:

Kidoz is the leading COPPA-compliant monetization platform for kids in mobile reaching over 50 million kids a month helping them discover new games, videos and apps.  The company aids the leading kid’s developers on Android by monetizing and promoting more than 2,000 Android apps.  Kidoz also helps brands like Disney, Lego, McDonald’s and Nintendo engage with youth audiences on mobile devices.