KIDOZ and Driver Digital Partner to Create ‘TENT’, a 360 Mobile Content

By March 23, 2017 No Comments

KIDOZ is happy to announce our newest partnership with family entertainment company Driver Digital, co-creating “TENT” – a 360 service that includes both content creation and distribution

The two companies are expanding their current partnership with the creation of TENT. This is the first service to offer brands and agencies the ability to create and distribute content produced specifically for mobile viewing by bringing together the world’s largest COPPA compliant content discovery platform – and industry leading kids focused digital content studio.

“Kids today are scattered around thousands of mobile apps,” says Gai Havkin, our CEO. “This reality means advertisers need not only to reallocate budgets, but also to consider the best creatives and content to catch the kids’ attention, while they’re in a play mode. This could mean, for example, not using a traditional ‘ad’ but rather provide content that is more engaging and appropriate to that mode”.

“Driver has built deep expertise in creating engaging and high quality digital content efficiently for brands on YouTube,” adds Derek Sentner, VP of Sales, Driver Digital. “We believe the content should be directly tailored to the viewing platform. Mobile is a big opportunity for brands to tell their story to millions of kids in a creative, cost-effective but engaging manner.  With our partnership with KIDOZ, we bring a one-stop shop for brands to  create and distribute engaging kids content on mobile. All under one TENT.”