Introducing the KIDOZ SDK, a New Way for Developers to Generate Revenue in a Kid-Safe Way

By December 10, 2015 No Comments

Anyone with an app that has a large kids userbase knows generating revenue is tricky. Most ads are irrelevant and inappropriate for kids, and often take away from the in app experience. We are excited to announce the launch of our SDK, a new way for developers to generate revenue and increase engagement.

The KIDOZ SDK helps developers generate revenue from their kids segment through content-based recommendations. Now you don’t have to compromise on user experience to monetize. KIDOZ helps kids discover content in a native and contextual way, with relevant content that is more likely to get their interest.

We’re not telling you to ditch your current monetization tool. By adding KIDOZ SDK you will be implementing a new tool that is specifically built for kids, and joining the established KIDOZ ecosystem, that already provides millions of kids with engaging content. And, because we know what kids like, KIDOZ provides users with a contextual and non-intrusive experience. Kids are more likely to click on content that appeals to them. For example if a kid is playing with a game about pet dogs, he is likely to enjoy a video of puppies playing.

The SDK is easy to integrate and fully COPPA compliant, ensuring a safe experience for kids. Developers will be joining KIDOZ established ecosystem, which provides millions of kids with engaging content on the KIDOZ Network. Did we also mention the SDK is fully customizable? It is. Developers can update the content slider to fit their brand and specification, and build a native experience for their app.

Sign up here to try KIDOZ for yourself now. We’re excited to continue providing great content for kids with you.