Developers Discover Successful Monetization Since Joining the Kidoz Network in Q4

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Since Google made changes to its Designed For Families policy in July, many kids app developers were left floundering without a predictable revenue stream in an already difficult app economy that rarely favors profitability.  Seeking out an additional option in the market that could help fill this void, many developers joined Kidoz in Q4 and are realizing the value of adding the Kidoz SDK across their portfolio of applications.  

Here are some of the notable new developers/publishers now available on the Kidoz network.

StoryArc Media:

StoryArc Media creates fun, engaging, interactive experiences that light up kids’ faces and as well as stimulate their brains. Everyday, kids all around the world enjoy their online games, mobile apps, books and more, including Poptropica, Funbrain, Galactic Hot Dogs, and Mystery of the Map.



iAbuzz believes in learning through play, considering it to be a great addition to traditional learning methods. Having children of their own, the developers spend a lot of time thinking of of the best implementations for each of their games and then test them thoroughly by their toughest judges, their kids.



Created in 1997, 01Digital is one of the first digital communications companies from Brazil. Originally a digital agency until 2012, 01Digital has a big presence in the kids app space with over 60 popular apps in English and/or Portuguese.



BabyBus, a popular Chinese development company founded in 2009,  offers games, videos and a wide variety of other educational content for 200 million fans aged 0-6 around the world.


GreenTea Games:

This UK based studio makes certain that their games are carefully created in order to ensure that they provide a safe experience for children, who download their apps millions of times. Their games are designed to be suitable for players of all ages.


Figuromo Studio:

Figuromo Studio is made up of a group of artists and programmers from across the globe who have come together to create the ColorMinis app collection to promote 3D art and the artists behind their work.



RosMedia started the app portion of their business in 2009 and since have received 16 million downloads worldwide. Their goal is to educate the youngest generation, to inspire their curiosity and creativity.


Pepi Play:

Pepi Play is a Lithuanian app development studio founded in 2011. The idea was born when the developers became inspired by watching a 2-year-old adapt to an iPad and the realization of what a powerful learning technology it can be for toddlers.



Minibuu by Infigames consists of three friends that share the same passion for what they do, making popular apps designed for babies and toddlers. With 5 apps and over 1,500,000 downloads in 120 countries, they are having fun doing it too.

Unit M Games:

Unit M Games is a development studio based in UAE. Their tagline is simple enough: Obviously, we make Games.  That they do, with over 90 titles to their credit, with many of their games focused more on the 8-12+ age demographic.


PSV Studio/ Hippo Kids Games

Using colorful graphics, carefully designed animations with multilanguage voiceovers, PSV Studio keep millions of kids entertains and teaches kids for hours on end with their wildly popular Hippo Kids Games titles. Believing that play is the best way to educate Hippo Kids Game characters help kids explore casual items and real life objects, familiiarize verbal and written languages, as well as learn skills like sorting, matching, and memorizing.


About KIDOZ:

KIDOZ is the world’s fastest-growing content discovery and recommendation platform for kids, reaching over 60 million children worldwide. KIDOZ offers one of a kind monetization tools to kids app developers and provides a revenue generation model that is 100% COPPA and Kid-Safe compliant while respecting their precious audience in a kid-friendly way.

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