BabyFirstTV Top Apps, Now Made for KIDOZ

By March 18, 2014 No Comments

KIDOZ welcomes its newest partner, BabyFirstTV, to our library of premium content for kids. BabyFirst TV has created exclusive versions of their apps to be featured on KIDOZ – with NO ads, NO in-app purchases, just pure fun for babies and toddlers.


Check out the first of our ‘Made for KIDOZ’ BabyFirst apps:

In “Peek-a-boo, I See You!” BabyFirst’s friendly character P-Boo swings, rolls, bounces, somersaults and tiptoes into the hearts of little ones as he hides, waiting to be found, in different places on the screen.

And coming soon – BabyFirstTV videos for KIDOZ!

BabyFirstTV is the leading TV channel for babies & toddlers, viewed in 120 million homes worldwide. BabyFirstTV emphasizes quality original content that offers engaging experiences for babies with no commercials, no violence, no inappropriate content, and no over-sensory stimulants. BabyFirst is designed to be an interactive co-viewing experience for both babies and parents and also provides special programs for parents with tips and ideas.

Other BabyFirst apps already available on KIDOZ in our Kids Apps Shop include BabyFirst’s PlayPhone and BabyFirst’s Find the Match.