Continue creating great apps for kids while your app engagement and revenues are boosted.


Increase Engagement With Content Discovery

With KIDOZ In-App content recommendation, kids will love your app even more, stay in your app even longer and have even more reasons to come back.

KIDOZ In-App allows you to add a new layer of engagement by enabling kids to discover fun related content without ever having to leave your app.

Our content recommendation engine will locate the most relevant content for your app from a huge library of over 200,000 items and our machine learning technology will continue tuning the content stream based on actual performance.


With KIDOZ In-App you can now monetize your app while keeping it clean, engaging and kid friendly.

Unlike other monetizing alternatives that are based on interruptions, KIDOZ In-App allows you to generate revenues from your app without compromising on kids’ user experience, their safety or on privacy regulations.

Revenues are generated from kid-friendly content recommendations promoted by kids’ brands on the KIDOZ Network. The promoted content is placed in a native non-intrusive way, as part of the content discovery experience in our widget content stream.

Easy Integration

Decide how it will look & where it will be placed to work best with your app experience.

COPPA Compliant

KIDOZ SDK is COPPA certified and does not in any way compromise your app’s COPPA compliance.

Kid Friendly

Only safe, appropriate and relevant content is included. Kids will love it – we promise.

Light & Flexible

Decide how will it look & where will it be placed to work best with your App experience

Parental Gate

The built-in parental gate will enable parents to customize safety levels and controls.

Developer Dashboard

Track current performance with our online dashboard  and get new insights into your app & audience.

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